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A Mathematica package to calculate the Wilson Coefficients of SMEFT operators (up to dimension - 6) to connect some Beyond Standard Model (BSM) theory with weak scale precision observables, using Covariant Derivative Expansion. Works for single and multiple degenerate heavy field propagators, at tree and one-loop level.



CoDEx  is written in Wolfram Language and contains detailed Mathematica-style documentation and sprawling tutorials.
The web-documentation mimics the same style and codes are ready to be directly copied.

basic working principle

CoDEx is a Mathematica package that calculates the WCs of effective operators up to mass dimension  6. It integrates out single as well as multiple degenerate heavy field propagators from tree as well as 1-loop diagrams of some BSM theory, using Covariant Derivative Expansion. WCs are given for two bases: "Warsaw" and "SILH".
It can then perform the RGE of these operators (in "Warsaw").  We provide the workflows for many example models  with different choices of heavy fields and interactions. We restrict ourselves up to dimension - 6 effective operators, for now. This will be generalised for any dimensional operators later.


Joydeep Chakrabortty

Supratim D. Bakshi

Sunando Kr Patra

If you use CoDEx, please cite the work using the following links...